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Un Capitol de neuitat al vacanțelor tale !




   Whether you’re on holiday or you’re just in transit to the Black Sea, Jupiter Resort offers you multiple possibilities for spending your free time along one kilometer of enchanting beach.


   Of these, Capitol Complex is distinguished by its familiar charm and by the quality of its services that became tradition in time.


   This brochure meets all presentation services, as well as the useful information for this season.


We wish you a pleasant stay!


Capitol Complex Team




Capitol Complex consist of:






Conference rooms


Coffe & Lounge in the Lobby


Restaurant Terrace & Karaoke


Swimming Pool




Playground for kids


Playzone XBOX


Internet Cafe


Scuba diving



Services included


- Information about means of transport, shows, CFR, weather;


- Swimming pool free access for all the customers;


- Free access for children at Kiddo Play and Kinder garden;


- Confidentiality of messages being sent for our customers;


- Wake up call;


- Safekeeping ness of valuables;


- Taxi ordering;


- Ticket reservations to train stations or shows;


- Other useful information for hotel guests.




Useful info


Capitol Hotel                                                                    O.P.C.: 0800/ 080999          


Tel.: 0241/ 731305                                                          A.N.P.C.: 021/ 3130690


Fax: 0241/ 731308                                                           Ambulance/ Firefighters/ Police: 112


Mobil: 0752/ 111022                                                       C.F.R./ Train Station: 0214/ 666952


-The telephone is only available for the internal use.


-For calling another room:


        -dial 0 followed by the number of the room, floor 1-9


        -dial precisely the number of the room for 10 to 13 floor.






-For any suggestions or reclamations, you can directly address to reception(tel.1000)


-We are also expecting for your recommendations and impressions in our guest list and online(






Dear tourists, we would like to request you to know and respect our rules, so that any future inconveniences during your staying should be avoided:


- Do not bend over the balcony!


- Please, do not throw any leftovers or cigarette butts in or out of the balcony;


- Please avoid consuming perishable food in the room;


- The use of cooking appliances is forbidden;


- If you want to use the air conditioner, please close the balcony door;


- Do not use the towels or sheets outside your room, it’s forbidden (ex. swimming pool or beach)


- At the end of the stay, please give the remote controller of the air conditioning to the reception;


- The TV remote controller stays in the room.




Damage prices:


If you have damaged a specific good from the room,  you have attached a list of charges below:


- Picture: 60 lei


- Glass: 6 lei


- Ashtray: 10 lei


- Vase: 30 lei


- Hanger: 8 lei


- Bath towel: 60 lei


- Face towel: 40 lei


- Feet towel: 30 lei


- Wall apply: 55 lei


- Plastic chair(balcony): 50 lei


- Room Carpet: 50 lei


- Clothes brush: 16 lei


- Room mirror: 150 lei


- Bath mirror: 200 lei (big); 150 lei (small)


- Sheet: 60 lei


- Pilot/Blanket: 120 lei


- Pillowcase: 30 lei


- Window glass: 150 lei


- Washbasin: 250 lei


- Wc pool: 300 lei


- Telephone: 150 lei


- Loss or damage of the room Key: 120 lei.


Room Inventory


- 2 bath towels


- 2  face towels


- 2 feet towels


- 2 pilot/blankets


- 2 pillowcase


- 4 glasses


- 2 ashtrays


- 8 hangers.


- 1 runner for bed